Are you a lunchtime grabber”?

Are you a Lunchtime Grabber?
By that I mean, do you grab a pre-packed sandwich for lunch? Perhaps take advantage of one of those Meal Deals and add a bag of crisps and a choccie bar?
I can honestly say I’d much rather have my regular “salad” lunch! It takes me much longer to eat, I really do enjoy the flavours…..
This was just 423 calories in total:
Piripiri chicken 100g (130 cals)
Salad (33 cals)
Beetroot 45g (9 cals)
Olives x 6 (68 cals)
Coleslaw 1 tbsp (92 cals)
French dressing 11ml (10 cals)
Couscous, sun dried tomato and garlic, 50g (81 cals)
I don’t normally have the coleslaw and couscous (just need to be used up!) so a regular lunchtime salad is around 250 calories.
Compared to what I might have gone for once upon a time – cheese and onion on brown bread (ready made sandwich) 505 calories!, or a southern fried chicken wrap 415 calories
Take a look at your regular lunchtime “grab” and take a look at those calorie labels!
You may say you can’t transport a salad easily to work…. or that you haven’t got the time to make a salad. I always make mine the night before……
Piripiri Chicken Salad
I invested in a salad box like this one, which keeps everything fresh.  The dressing can be added at the last moment:

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