Session with the Sports Therapist….

IMG_1217…or perhaps the Personal Trainer?  Had a very useful hour with Mike, the Sports Therapist at the Circle Clinic.  He’s devised me an exercise routine to help strengthen muscles in my problem areas where I get regular and often unrelenting pain.

I get a lot of pain in my neck, shoulders, lower back and both hips.  Some of the pain is caused by the mechanics of my walking (there’s more here about my unique hips..) but most of it is caused by the way I use my body to carry out activities – such as using a keyboard, dressing myself, food preparation, etc.  I spend a lot of time with my head crunched forwards and my shoulders hunched.

Excuse the awful background music… there was some sort of circuit class going on at the same time!

Squats to strengthen my arms, shoulders and glutes

Concentrating on building up the muscles in my right (weaker) leg whilst building up muscles with squatting.

Bridging on a gm ball – building balance and core muscles, strengthening my lower back

Balancing on a gym ball, one leg lift.  Strengthens core and leg muscles

Building up and strengthening arms and shoulders, concentrating on keeping my shoulders down.




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  1. This is an amazing feat and I continue to be inspired. Pain is never good, I have a touch of sciatica at the moment but I’m glad you have the expertise and tools to help you win this battle.

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