Far too long…

It has been far too long since I last posted here to my Blog. No excuses really!

Life goes on…. my weight loss journey continues.  My exercise regime is unchanged.

Interestingly, I managed to lose about a stone during 2020, but then managed to gain about 10lb during 2021!  A few sneaky extra treats sneaked in here and there can completely sabotage ones weekly weight loss progress.

Whilst many people struggled with the tedium of lockdowns, I seized the opportunity to exercise every day (for up to two hours) which gave me plenty of wiggle room and a few additional calories to enjoy.

Thankfully, my health has remained excellent and (hoping not to tempt fate here) I have avoided contracting Covid – although many of those around me have not been as fortunate.

Not having holidays and social events also helped – however careful and mindful I am, a few days away from home can wreak havoc with my weight.

Slowly life is returning to “normal” and my diary is beginning to look a little more exciting.

I’m determined to post a little more frequently and share some of the meals that I cook which help to keep me on track.

Sirloin steak stir fry. No need for noodles or rice!
Pan fried sea bass fillet with sun dried tomato and basil quinoa & rice, roasted fennel, tender stem brocolli and a little buffalo Mozzarella cheese.
My quick and easy aubergine Parmigiana with stir fried cabbage and leek, Mexican rice and soured cream  https://flidfit.com/2019/08/09/speedy-aubergine-parmigiana-412-calories/
Eating in the garden, turkey meatballs with a pomodoro, & chianti pasta sauce, griddled courgette, wholewheat spaghetti and grated cheese.
Mushroom Stroganoff with brown rice, roasted butternut squash, green beans and fresh coriander.


3 thoughts on “Far too long…

  1. Good luck with the weight loss. I’m still battling with myself but losing! I take it you are vegetarian as I see no meat on those plates of delicious looking food? I get even hungrier when I have a meatless day but I do have them every two or three days, not from any convictions but it was a family thing. My mother always thought it was good for us and somehow I’ve kept the habit.

    • Eeek! It’s hard isn’t it? I have little choice but to log and weigh most of what I eat in order to stay on track. I’m thankful that I don’t think I am an emotional eater – I just love my food! But I came to the decision early in my journey that although I love food that my long term health and mobility are more important. I knew that in the event that I contracted COVID I’d have a far better chance of recovery without the additional weight and the asthma I once suffered from. I was quite terrified about going into hospital as I am totally dependent on help form another person if I am outside of my home environment. At home I can manage pretty well alone.
      Anyway, you CAN get back to it…. you really can!

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