About me…

Slide1I am a very short (4ft 8″ or 142 cm) physically disabled woman of 56 years old who has spent almost all of my life “obese”.

Losing weight and getting fitter isn’t easy… for anyone.  A physical disability and pain present additional barriers.

Since February 2012, I have successfully lost over 4 and a half stone (28.5kg) and improved my fitness through exercise.

This blog charts my weight loss journey sharing many of the things I have learned along the way, including my love of food – which I’ve learned can be a positive thing when it comes to heathy eating!

There are so many other benefits that I didn’t even dream of when starting my journey.


4 thoughts on “About me…

  1. Hello you know me as badknitter, on another site, and I followed your link, next step, the cookery book! I think it would be a good seller….I will be in and out of here often, I am 5ft 3 and loosing as much weight as you would be well, amazing! See you soon!

  2. Hi! Have just found you via the HealthUnlocked site. I’ve struggled with my weight since the menopause and thought I’d cracked it last year with a combination of healthy eating and lots of exercise. I love hiking, swimming, tennis etc. and now I work part time have plenty if time too. Except that I now have a knee injury that is going to take a long time to heal and may never get back to “normal”. Losing weight feels so much harder and I’ve watched it creep up over the last few months. i’m now trying to accept the situation and take back control! Have found some upper body exercise sessions on YouTube so at least my top half will be fit and have now found your recipes! Looking forward to trying them! My husband has lost a lot of weight recently due to illness, but it looks like I can just add potatoes / bread to keep his weight up. Thanks! MirandaT

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