Sorry for the long spell between posts!  I’ve been continuing with the weight loss, mainly sticking to the Blood Sugar principles (cutting out bread, pasta, potatoes, rice and anything with grains, flour, etc).

The weight has gone up and down but overall from my last post I’m down a few pounds, and we’ve had holidays and celebrations, weekends away etc.

My latest venture in terms of fitness and health was to have a DEXA scan, which measures the amount of body fat, lean tissue and bone in each major part of your body – arms, legs and trunk.  I’d read about it on a discussion forum, and imagined the price would be prohibitive.  In fact, husband and myself had the scan followed by a 40 minute consultation to go through the results for just £258.

I went with an open mind about what the scan would tell me.  However, I am pleased to say that I was more than happy with the detailed information and pictures that we came away with.


One of the main positives for me was  learning that my bones are very dense – which is great news as a woman in her 50’s and menopausal.  I found the image of my skeleton particularly fascinating, as it shows quite distinctly how different my right and left leg and arms are from one another.  My arms in particular look as though they are very different, but externally, they appear similar – same shape and strength, similar range of movement.

No great surprise that I am still carrying a large amount of fat (too much fat) but as the scan operator explained where I should be on the scale, I was heartened to learn that I am not too far away from an ideal.  Had I had a DEXA scan before commencing my weight loss journey and increasing my activity levels, I am certain I would have witnessed a HUGE difference.  My BMI when I started was 42 – today it is 31 (and it has been down to 28!)

We’ve booked to have another in 12 months time – and we both have something to aim for.  We are going to improve our results!