Brunch; sausages, tomatoes and mushrooms: 367 calories

IMG-2313I LOVE sausages, but they can be extremely calorific and not particularly healthy.  One only has to look at the “traffic light” information given on the packaging to understand that these need to be eaten occasionally!

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However, going for a “meatier” good quality sausage can be worth it, even if it’s higher in calories.

The way I get around this is to making my sausage go further! For example, these good quality Cumberland supermarket sausage were 271 calories per 2 (grilled) sausages.

I’m only on an allowance of 1100 calories, so I have to be creative.

I only have 2 meals a day – lunch and dinner. At the weekends we will often have “brunch” and dinner.

Today is a brunch day. By slicing the sausages lengthwise, we have just 1.5 sausages each – reserving the other for another meal. 246 calories for 1.5.

Half a tin of plum tomatoes : 42 calories

Half a pack of chestnut mushrooms (16 cals) fried in 3g of butter and 1tsp of olive oil (65 cals). In my experience, adding a small amount of good quality oil/butter or both is worth the calories as it really adds to the flavour and to the appearance. They can also contribute to helping me feel fuller for longer.

Whole meal was therefore 367 calories.

I did use 2 mini pitta breads lightly toasted (44 cals each) to mop up all the lovely juice from the tomatoes!

That, alongside my regular cups of tea will keep me sustained until this evening now….

Making healthy swaps – turkey chilli with 50/50 rice and stir fried cabbage/leek – 448 calories

IMG_2310The chilli was bulked out with finely diced carrot and celery. Turkey mince is very low in calories (this was 7& fat so still plenty of flavour). The chilli was 196 calories.

Stir fried cabbage and leek = 74 cals replaced some of the rice. It also enables you to get more of your vegetable portions in.

Just 40g of brown rice = 140 cals.

20g soured cream = 38 cals (no low fat or reduced fat – the real thing!).

Turkey chilli, serves 4 196 calories

Turkey, Mince -250g

Onions, Raw -100g

Celery, 1 stick -85g

Garlic, Raw, Average-2 Cloves/6g

Chilli Powder, Average-¾ Tsp/3g

Paprika, Average-1 Tsp/2g

Mixed Herbs, Average-1 Tsp/5g

Oil, Olive, Average-6ml

Double Concentrated Tomato Puree -35g

Carrots, Raw-110g

Beans, Kidney, Red, Canned, in Water, Drained -1 Can/240g

Peppers, Chilli, Crushed -¼ Tsp/0.125g

Tomatoes, Chopped, Canned -400g

Water, Mineral Or Tap-40ml


Preparation: Peel and finely dice the onion. Peel and finely dice the garlic clove. Finely dice the celery. Peel and finely dice the carrot.

Put the olive oil into a pan and warm over a moderate heat.

Add the onions, carrot and celery, and let them cook until soft and pale gold. Add the garlic and continue to cook for 5 minutes. Add the chilli flakes.

Add the minced turkey to the pan, and let it brown lightly, stirring occasionally.

Add herbs, the tinned tomatoes, water and tomato puree. Bring back to a simmer and leave to cooked, covered, for about 45 minutes, stirring every 15 minutes. Add the drained beans after the first 30 minutes. Add a little water it it is drying out too much.

Let the mixture simmer for a good 5-7 minutes until thoroughly hot.

Serves 3 – 4 depending on how hungry you are!


Nutrition Data Per Serving

Calories (kcal) 196.1

Carbohydrate (g) 15.2

Fat (g) 7.1

Fibre (g) 6.1

Fruit & Veg 2.4

Protein (g) 16.3

Tuna steak, bubble and squeak! 459 calories


Had this delicious dinner tonight.

A chunky Yellow Fin Tuna Steak (Aldi, frozen) at just over 100 calories (107 cals), bubble and squeak made with left over mash, stir fried cabbage and leek fried in a little olive oil (286 cals) and 75g green beans (18 cals).

The marinade was a simple soy sauce, lemon juice and honey mix (48 cals).

Cheap, easy to cook and very delicious and healthy!


Seated stretches for anyone who can’t stand or weight bear

Thought I’d share what’s been keeping me busy today!

I’ve been making a film to share some of my stretching exercises with other disabled folk or indeed anyone who is unable to do weight bearing exercises.

It’s really crucial that I maintain my flexibility and address the pain I get in my neck, shoulders and back. Because of my arm length discrepancy, I spend a lot of time with my arms extended forward and my head bowed (reading, typing, cooking, eating, etc).

It’s vital for me to remain independent and continue my self care for as long as I am able to.

This is just a small part of the routine, but may hopefully inspire anyone who has problems standing or weight bearing for long periods. I also do some stretches using resistance bands – will film those another time!

Excuse the odd expressions and belly flab flashing… 🙂

Enjoy! Feedback and questions welcome.

Duck Breast in a Cantonese-style plum sauce, Brussels cooked with chestnuts, bacon and onion and mashed carrot and swede (553 calories)

1 (4)Have you missed my food?? :-)

Tonights was delicious. Some of it was “ready made” (Gressingham duck breast in a Cantonese Style plum sauce = 334 calories).

Mashed swede and carrot = 43 calories

7g Butter in above = 1 calories

Brussels sprouts with onion, streaky dry cure bacon and onions = 125 calories

Recipe for the Brussels Sprouts: (Makes 3 portions)

Brussels Sprouts – 240g

Chestnuts, Whole, Roasted & Peeled, Vacuum Packed – 60g

Bacon, Streaky, Smoked, Drycure – 2 Rashers/30g

Onions, Brown – ½ Onion/50g

Oil, Olive – 1 Tsp/5ml


Peel and chop the onions. Use a small paring knife to trim off the base of the Brussel sprouts and peel back any tatty outer leaves. Leave smaller Brussels whole and halve the larger ones through the core so they hold together.. Roughly chop the chestnuts.

Put a large pan on a high heat. Slice the bacon into chunky strips then put in the pan with the olive oil; turn the heat down to medium. Once lightly golden, crumble in the chestnuts.

When the chestnuts and bacon start to turn deep golden, add the onions and turn the heat right down. Let everything cook slowly for half an hour or so.

Once that’s done, put the Brussels in a large pan over heat and pout over plenty of (boiling) water.

Boil for about 5 minutes, till just tender but still holding their texture. Taste to check; they should be slightly undercooked. Drain, then add them to the chestnut/bacon mix.

Serve these right away, or store somewhere cool. Reheat in the same pan and serve once piping hot.

Nutrition Data Per Serving (for the Brussels only!)

Calories (kcal) 125.0

Carbohydrate (g) 11.2

Fat (g) 5.6

Fibre (g) 4.6

Fruit & Veg 1.3

Protein (g) 5.3

Stepping it up

Quick and simple supper – 319 calories

IMG_2019.jpgTonights dinner was based around the need to use up the last of a batch of my versatile bulgar wheat and roasted vegetable “concoction”.

Bulgar wheat and roasted vegetable concoction (119 cals), warmed. Topped with 30g chopped apricots (62 cals) and 50g of cubed feta cheese (138 cals). Amazing flavours! Very filling too and just 319 calories in total.

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