Healthy alternative to coleslaw – quinoa, carrot and hazelnut coleslaw

IMG_0273.jpgMakes 5 generous portions

80g Quinoa (Dry Weight)

150g Carrot (coarsely grated)

Lemon Juice, ½ Juiced Lemon

30g Hazelnuts, Blanched and roughly chopped

Black Pepper Freshly Ground (few grinds)

50g Mascarpone Cheese

80g Soured Cream

Cook the quinoa and drain – leave to cool (I cook mine in a rice steamer in the microwave for 5 + 5 minutes, full power 600)

When cool, mix with the remaining ingredients – mixing the mascarpone and soured cream first.

A yummy crunchy and healthy alternative to regular coleslaw and much more filling. You can make up a batch and it stores well in the fridge (but I leave the mascarpone and soured cream out, adding just before I serve it)

Calories (kcal) 153.4

Carbohydrate (g) 12.0

Fat (g) 10.1

Fibre (g) 1.9

Sodium (g) 0.016

Fruit & Veg 0.3

Protein (g) 3.7

Vegetable and lentil tikka masala – 165 calories

This is my dinner for tonight! Bubbling away on the stove…. Will serve with either mashed swede or stir fried shredded savoy cabbage (or even both!)

Preparation Time: 30 mins

Cooking Time: 1 hr

Serves: 4

Calories per serving: 165

Vegetable and lentil tikka masala


15ml Olive Oil

90g Red Onions

Garlic, Raw, Average-1 Clove/3g

1 stick celery

100g Carrots, Raw

1 Can/400g chopped tomatoes

50g Lentils, Red, Dried

80g Tikka Curry Paste

Medium aubergine (285g)

70g Fine Green Beans, Green, Fine, Average-69g

5g Coriander Puree (or fresh coriander, chopped)

Garlic, Raw, Average-1 Clove/3g


Peel, and finely dice carrots, onion and celery. Peel and dice the garlic. Cut the aubergine into 1.5cm cubes.


Pour the oil in a large lidded saucepan. Heat over a medium heat.

Add the onion, carrot, beans and celery and fry gently (don’t allow to brown) for 10 minutes, stirring regularly.

Add the Aubergine and garlic. Lower heat, cover and cook for about 30 minutes, stirring every 5-10 minutes to prevent sticking.

Add the curry paste, the tinned tomatoes and about 100ml of water. Add the lentils and stir through.

Heat until mixture bubbles, turn down to a simmer and continue to cook on a gentle heat and covered for about an hour, stirring regularly. Add further water if required.

Add the coriander puree / fresh coriander just before serving.

IMG_0275 (1).jpg

Calories (kcal) 165.1

Carbohydrate (g) 19.5

Fat (g) 6.5

Fibre (g) 5.9

Sodium (g) 0.166

Fruit & Veg 3.5

Protein (g) 6.6

Hot smoked salmon with lemon, herbs & courgetti (492 calories)

IMG_0262Came home from a few days away to a couple of monster courgettes.  My mind turned to courgetti!

Hot smoked salmon fillet with lemon and herbs (ready prepared from Aldi), 250g spiralized or julienned courgette cooked in 5mg coconut oil with added 3 x chestnut mushrooms and a handful of peas.

A quick and easy sauce – spoonful (25g) of mascarpone and a spoonful (25g) of creme fraiche.

Total:  492 calories.

Really easy to cook – ready in 20 minutes!

Stir fry the mushrooms and courgette in the oil. Add the peas (40g), creme fraiche and mascarpone.  Removed the skin from the salmon fillet and then flaked into the pan. Finish off with a generous grind or two of black pepper.

What I really enjoyed about this dish was the zesty flavour of the lemon.  Oh, and that it was so easy to make, so quick and kept me feeling full all evening.  Hardly any washing up too!

Fish & Chip Supper – 328 calories!

Lightly dusted lemon sole fillet with celeriac chips

Lightly dusted lemon sole fillet 156 calories. Celeriac 250g cut into “chips” (52 cals) and oven baked in half a tablespoon of olive oil (64 cals). 94g of runner beans (18 cals) with 5g of butter (37 cals). Slice of lemon 1 cal.

A lovely fish and chip supper for a total of 343 calories!

I thoroughly recommend celeriac chips – I think the flavour really compliments the fish.

Singing & Moroccan Chicken

Moroccan Chicken with Swede and French beans – 332 calories

Hello all, how are you this fine day?

I’ve been back at choir today (I sing in a Rock Choir) and was surprised how much I’d missed it – such a lovely bunch of people and our choir leader makes us laugh – a lot! He’s a natural comic and extrovert.

We are singing “Don’t Stop Believin'” (Group called journey and then Glee had a hit with it…)

Later this term we are singing “Hallelujah” – sure that one is going to be a bit of an ear worm….

Food today:

Brunch: 2 slices of High Protein loaf (Only 89 cals a slice and lovely and “chewy”) and 100g of avocado mashed onto it. It has Sunflower Seeds, Pumpkin Seed, Brown Linseed, Poppy Seed, Millet, Golden Linseed in it.

Dinner: From Tesco ready-prepared Moroccan Chicken breast with mashed swede and green beans. Skinless, boneless chicken breast fillets in a tomato and apricot tagine sauce, with butternut squash, apricots, chickpeas, Ras El Hanout spicy sprinkle and pumpkin seeds garnish. 228 calories.

Vegetables really are such “good value” in terms of calories and making me feel full and satisfied…. 230g of swede mashed is just 55 calories and the beans (60g) are only 12!  I added 5g of butter to the swede (37 cals).

Exercise – singing and warm ups! Plus walking to and from the hall across the car park!


Halloumi & Bean Stew – quick and healthy!

IMG_0067This was a super quick “store cupboard ingredients” meal – 30 minutes from start to finish!

Halloumi and Bean Stew

Preparation Time:                  10 mins

Cooking Time:                         30 mins

Serves:                                       4

Calories per serving:              363.3


Olive Oil                                                                    – 1 Tbsp/15ml

Brown Onions                                                           – 1 Onion/100g

Yellow Pepper                                                          – 1 Med/160g

Courgette                                                                 – 1 Courgette/224g

Garlic                                                                        – 1 Clove/3g

Tomato Puree                                                          – 40g

Cherry Tomatoes in Tomato Juice, Canned       – 1 Can/400g

Caster Sugar                                                            – ½ Tsp/2.5g

Halloumi Cheese                                                      – 225g

Cannellini Beans                                                      – 400g

Watercress Trimmed                                                 – 100g

Dried Chilli Pepper Flakes                                         – 1 Pinch/0.1g

Fresh Raw Lemon (cut into wedges)                         – ¼ Lemon/28.75g



Peel and finely dice the onion and garlic. Deseed and chop pepper into chunk. Dice the courgette.


Heat the oil in a large pan and fry the onion and pepper for 2-3min. Stir in the courgette, garlic and tomato puree and cook for another 2 mins.

Add the cherry tomatoes and caster sugar and bring to the boil, then simmer gently for 8 mins until thickened slightly.

Meanwhile, put a griddle pan over a medium heat and brush lightly with oil. Griddle the halloumi for 1-2 mins on each side until golden.

Add the beans to the veg and cook for another 2min until warmed through. Stir in the watercress and chilli oil and top with the halloumi slices, serving the lemon, cut into wedges alongside to squeeze over.

Nutrition Data Per Serving

Calories (kcal)               363.3

Carbohydrate (g)             19.8

Fat (g)                                20.6

Fibre (g)                            10.0

Sodium (g)                         1.887

Fruit & Veg                        3.9

Protein (g)                       20.8

Coconut Collaborative Little Chocolate Pots – Dairy Free

Coconut Collaborative Little Chocolate Pots – Dairy Free

Only 45g but a tiny pot of utter deliciousness!

I only got them to try as they were £2 instead of £2.50, but very nice they were – a sort of chocolate ganache consistency.

Best of all, only 105 calories!!

Why not try something different…

Tonights dinner…

Aldi yellow fin tuna steak (135 cals) with a pouch (microwavable) of ready-made Mediterranean Quinoa With Wheat Berries  Tomatoes & Black Olives (179 cals), runner beans (15 cals), carrots (18 cals), courgettes (40 cals), purple sprouting (12 cals). Courgettes were oven baked in half a tbsp of olive oil (64 cals). Fish was pan fried in half a tbsp of olive oil (64 cals).

TOTAL: 527 calories

All very tasty and the quinoa mixture was really nice for a change (much healthier than rice too!)

0AAFBFB0-053E-44A5-8389-23BBA6332562 (1)
Aldi yellow fin tuna steak (135 cals) with a pouch (microwavable) of ready-made Mediterranean Quinoa With Wheat Berries  Tomatoes & Black Olives (179 cals), runner beans (15 cals), carrots (18 cals), courgettes (40 cals), purple sprouting (12 cals)