Contemplating surgery….

I have got to just under 11 stone, and I too feel a bit “stuck” bobbing up and down the same few pounds since the end of May, despite continuing to log, exercise…. and I am wondering whether this is just what I am meant to be?

Having said that, I am still obese and still weigh too much for my height, but my short height is due to my disability rather than genetics (both my sisters are about 5ft 10). I am now down to a size 16 from a size 24, and I know I could never be a size 10 or 12. A size 14 perhaps.

I have, after a lot of thought and deliberation, booked myself in for a breast reduction and a tummy tuck.

My boobs have always been large and they’ve just not got any smaller during my weight loss journey (3 stone) and remain as 38H’s. Given the length of my arms, they are “in the way” and of course must add quite a few pounds to my short frame! In the past people have asked me why I don’t get them reduced, but they’ve never really bothered me and as the rest of me was “big” they looked in proportion. Now they don’t. They just look far too large for my narrow shoulders.

My belly has reduced significantly, but I am left with a horrible “hanging flap” of skin which doesn’t seem to have much fat in it now! My muscle tone underneath, I am hoping, is good – I concentrate a lot in by 3 – 7 times a week 1 – 2 hour workout on my legs, bum and tum.

I know that surgery is a huge risk, but I can honestly say that I’m really excited now about getting rid of these “bits that won’t budge”. It’s certainly not for a lack of hard work or enthusiasm!

Over the weekend, I met a friend who has just had a breast uplift/implant. She was kind enough to show me how her boobs look 12 weeks after surgery, and I must say I was totally gob-smacked! The scarring had virtually vanished (she has been using bio oil daily on the scars) and the overall shape was really great. Like me, she also had one boob larger than the other, but the surgery has evened them up as well.

I most certainly am not looking at this as a way to lose weight (it would be a very expensive way to lose weight!)

I love the Weight Loss Resources website, the support it provides, the tools which enable me to monitor my food intake and weight loss.  I will most certainly continue with that side of things for the foreseeable future, whatever the outcome of the surgery.