Reaching my goal weight….

August 2011 (around 14 stone and size 24) and goal weight.   September 2014 9st 7lb and a size 14/16.

Well today, I did it! After 2 years and 5 months (130 weeks) I have reached and exceeded
my goal weight of 9 st 7 lbs!

I’ve lost a total of 4 and a half stone (63lbs).

My start weight at the end of February 2012 was 14 stone and I was a size 24.

I am now 9 st 6.6lb and size 16.

I am only 4ft 9!

It’s been hard work, but well worth everything!

To celebrate, I put on a bikini I had bought a couple of months ago, and had some shots taken.  Looking at the picture of me in my bikini, I found I was self-critical of what I saw.  In my head I saw a sleek, slim body.  The picture showed loose skin and wobbly bits.  However, I stuck the picture on FaceBook and shared it with the world, and the more I looked at it (alongside the “before” picture, which was REALLY unflattering) the more I realised just what a remarkable feat I have achieved!  I have shifted the equivalent of 9 newborn babies!!!

I was in Southsea today collecting my Mum from a weeks holiday.  I saw many, many obese people – like myself – enjoying a portion of fish and chips.  However, my fish and chips was a reward for my years of hard work, and was also the first take away fish and chips I’d eaten during my weight loss journey.

They tasted WONDERFUL……

And now the really hard work begins.  Maintaining my new weight.

I plan to try and get to 9 stone and then to maintain my weight between 9 and 9 and a half stone.  It sounds easy, but I am sure it will be a challenge!

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