Preparing for Christmas

Not long to go.  Presents all purchased and wrapped, just the nice curly ribbon to add (need a hand with that!)

The Christmas decorations are due to go up on Thursday.  My weight loss in the lead up to Christmas is going well.  

The Personal Trainer (Matt) came to visit last Tuesday.  I was all warmed up in the freezing cold garage gym ready to impress him with my progress.  Thankfully the cold weather is an incentive to keep moving when I’m in the home gym.

And impress him I did!  I showed him that I can RUN!  

Ok, ok, I’m holding on for dear life to the bar on my treadmill, but my new HIIT training session now incorporates running for 2 minutes at 5mph!  

I plan to get this exciting event videoed to share with everyone (and to prove it does happen!).

This is interspersed with walking at 3mph.  I love this sort of training, as you know that you’ve only got to “push” yourself for a short space of time, and it’s perfectly achievable.  Slowing down to the walk feels so wonderful after I’ve been running my little cotton socks off.

Best of all, this style of training is designed to prolong calorie burning after the exercise session has been completed.  When I am sat at my computer entering my training results, I am still burning the calories.

Of course, he paid me lots of compliments about my progress, but has set me some new targets to work on before he nest visits in January 2015.

I have continued to use 5:2 fasting in the lead up to Christmas.  I have even gone so far to plan a fast day for Christmas week and another for News Years week.  Uncertain how that will go, but the days are pencilled into my diary, so that’s good for a starter.

Finally, my “Success Story” has been published on the Weight Loss website I have used to help me achieve my new sylph life figure:

Sadly you can only read it by signing up – so maybe now is the time to do something about that expanding waistline….?

I have received so many compliments via the Forum that I have been quite overwhelmed!

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