Who’d have thought….. stir fried cabbage and mussels!

So in my bid to avoid bread consumption, sought an alternative to mop up the juices from my garlic butter mussels this evening.  Now this HAD to work.  There was a loaf cooking in the bread machine and it smelled divine!

Checked out the fridge and spotted the savoy cabbage that had been lurking there for a week or more. Sliced up 200g of the cabbage, stir fried in 20g of butter, 10g of olive oil. Cooked 100g of Jersey Royals in the microwave until soft, chopped them in half and threw those in. Chopped up a sprig of coriander and added that along with 30g of creme fraiche and a good few twists of black pepper.

It was lovely! Ate my mussels and then poured the remaining juice over the top of the cabbage so that I could enjoy every last drop!

593 calories in total (mostly the butter, olive oil and creme fraiche – the mussels were only 138 calories)

I was wondering what to do with pan fried duck breast tomorrow… there’s half of that cabbage left….dinner

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