Happy New Year! Healthy Bean Stew – 154 calories

IMG_0848 2Ah, Christmas has taken its toll on me – and I managed to gain a staggering 12lbs over the festivities.  That was over the course of a month and did include a two week holiday in the sunshine just ahead of Christmas.  In my defence I did  manage to get in a little exercise!

As of yesterday, I am back on it.  This will be the year where I get to my 9 stone goal!

I also need to start improving my fitness levels.  I have my first appointment with a Physio who I have been referred to via a Pain Clinic next week.  The plan is to devise a suitable regular exercise programme which I hope will help with ongoing hip and lower back pain issues.

Yesterday and today I have been doing some bulk cooking – and thought you may like to see these healthy and low calorie filling recipes.

We have a plan with regards to diet.  We are going to attempt 2 days a week eating fish, 2 days vegetarian and just one day of red meat.  Outside of that, we will continue trying to find new recipes!  We are also reducing the processed meat that we consume.

Healthy Bean Stew

Preparation Time:    30 mins

Cooking Time:    1 hr 30 mins

Serves:   6

Calories per serving:    154


  • Onions, Raw                                   –    110g
  • Garlic                                              –    2 Cloves/6g
  • Olive Oil                                          –    12ml
  • Celery                                             –    85g
  • Carrots                                           –    100g
  • Swede                                            –    175g
  • Courgette                                       –    250g
  • Chopped Tomatoes in Tomato Juice   –            2 Cans/800g
  • Tomato Puree                                –    1 Pot/70g
  • Butter Beans                                  –    235g
  • Cannellini Beans                            –    240g
  • Thyme, Dried                                  –    ½ Tsp/0.5g
  • Paste, Spicy Chipotle Chilli             –    10g
  • Oxo Vegetable Stock Cubes          –    1 Cube/6g
  • Chestnut Mushrooms                      –    170g

Peel and finely dice carrot, onion and garlic. Trim and finely dice celery. Peel the swede and cut into 1cm cubes. Cut the courgette and mushrooms into 1cm cubes.
(1) Pour the olive oil into a large lidded pan and heat over a medium heat. Add the carrot, celery, swede and onion and fry gently for 10-15 minutes. Add the garlic clove and cook for a further 5 minutes.

(2) Add the tinned tomato, tomato puree, crumbled stock cube and the water. Add the chipotle paste, thyme and paprika.

Stir thoroughly. Bring to the boil, lower heat to a simmer, cover and continue to cook for about 20 minutes stirring frequently.

(3) Add the courgette and stir. Cover and continue to cook for 30 minutes.

(4) Add the mushrooms. Stir thoroughly, cover and cook for a further 20 – 30 minutes until all the vegetables are cooked through.

(5) Finally, add the (drained) beans and stir. These only need to be heated through.

This meal makes an ideal “batch” cook and can be served either as a main meal or as a side dish to accompany chicken, white fish, pork chops, sausages or Mozzarella/Feta.

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