Aubergine stuffed with spinach, rice and halloumi – 349 calories

IMG_1186Aubergine stuffed with spinach, rice and halloumi – 349 calories

I’ve discovered a wonderful vegetarian recipe website with lots and lots of  lovely looking recipes!  Whats more, it’s UK based, so the measurements are done in grams, rather than cups.

Having made this, I would swap the spray oil for a good glug of olive oil if I made it again. This was nice on its own, but I think I may need something else a little later!

Preparation Time: 20

Cooking Time: 50 mins

Serves: 2

Calories per serving: 349


Aubergine, Raw (Medium sized)-383g

Salt-1 Pinch/0.1g

Black Pepper-2 Pinchs/0.4g

Chick Peas, Tinned, Drained-70g

Spinach, Baby-100g

Pine Nuts-12g

Parsley, Dried-1 Tsp/1g

Rice, Brown, Dry Weight-½ Serving/50g

Olive Oil, Spray-20 Sprays/4ml

Halloumi Cheese, finely sliced-80g

Mint, Fresh, leaves only (finely chopped)-2 Tbsp/3.2g


Toast the pine nuts under a hot grill or in a small frying pan, being careful not to burn.

Cut the aubergines in half lengthwise – leave the stalks on for now, but remove them before eating. Place the aubergine halves cut-side up on a baking tray. Cut a criss cross pattern over them, being careful not to break the skin.

Spray with the spray oil (20 squirts per half), and season with a pinch of salt and black pepper. Roast at 190°C (Gas Mark 5 / 375°F) for around 20-25 minutes, until the flesh is tender.

Steam the spinach in a small amount of boiling water for 2 minutes, drain and squeeze out the excess water when cooled. Shred it with a sharp knife.

Meanwhile, cook the rice until just soft in a pan with plenty of water – around 15 minutes (don’t overcook). Drain the rice, and add it to a large mixing bowl with the chickpeas, spinach, pine nuts, parsley, and dried mint. Mix thoroughly.

When the roasted aubergine halves are cool enough to handle, use a spoon to scoop out around 1/3 of the aubergine flesh. Don’t remove too much flesh – you may need to use a sharp knife to cut through the fibres. Keep the flesh you remove for an alternative use (or just eat it straight away!).

Stuff each aubergine half with the spinach and rice mixture, and top with a few thin slices of halloumi. Return to the oven for a further 15 minutes or so, until the halloumi is golden brown.

Nutrition Information

Nutrition Data Per Serving

Calories (kcal) 349

Carbohydrate (g) 36.4

Fat (g) 17.1

Fibre (g) 7.6

Fruit & Veg 3.6

Protein (g) 11.8

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