Brunch; sausages, tomatoes and mushrooms: 367 calories

IMG-2313I LOVE sausages, but they can be extremely calorific and not particularly healthy.  One only has to look at the “traffic light” information given on the packaging to understand that these need to be eaten occasionally!

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However, going for a “meatier” good quality sausage can be worth it, even if it’s higher in calories.

The way I get around this is to making my sausage go further! For example, these good quality Cumberland supermarket sausage were 271 calories per 2 (grilled) sausages.

I’m only on an allowance of 1100 calories, so I have to be creative.

I only have 2 meals a day – lunch and dinner. At the weekends we will often have “brunch” and dinner.

Today is a brunch day. By slicing the sausages lengthwise, we have just 1.5 sausages each – reserving the other for another meal. 246 calories for 1.5.

Half a tin of plum tomatoes : 42 calories

Half a pack of chestnut mushrooms (16 cals) fried in 3g of butter and 1tsp of olive oil (65 cals). In my experience, adding a small amount of good quality oil/butter or both is worth the calories as it really adds to the flavour and to the appearance. They can also contribute to helping me feel fuller for longer.

Whole meal was therefore 367 calories.

I did use 2 mini pitta breads lightly toasted (44 cals each) to mop up all the lovely juice from the tomatoes!

That, alongside my regular cups of tea will keep me sustained until this evening now….

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