Podcasts and Prize Money!!

Ok, ok, so I’ve been a bit quiet of late.  But I’ve got two exciting things to tell you about!

Firstly, further to my last Blog post urging people to vote for my recipe (Thai Prawn Curry), I am very pleased to report that…. I WON!

Yes, £1,000 is mine, but not for long because as promised I have undertaken to donate this to research into Alzheimer’s disease.

Thank you to everyone who voted – and to those who urged their friends to vote for my recipe as well!

Kate Harrison hard at work in the kitchen

Today Kate Harrison, successful author of many successful 5:2 Fasting related books has alerted me to the fact that she’s launched Podcast 10 which features my weight loss story.

Kate’s 5:2 Diet Book website contains a wealth of information, recipes and support.

Kate was also responsible for creating the 5:2 Fasting FaceBook page, which has gone from strength to strength.  I have just looked to discover that there are almost 42,000 members now – I think there were only about 500 members when I first joined it.

You can listen to the Podcast here.


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