Singing & Moroccan Chicken

Moroccan Chicken with Swede and French beans – 332 calories

Hello all, how are you this fine day?

I’ve been back at choir today (I sing in a Rock Choir) and was surprised how much I’d missed it – such a lovely bunch of people and our choir leader makes us laugh – a lot! He’s a natural comic and extrovert.

We are singing “Don’t Stop Believin'” (Group called journey and then Glee had a hit with it…)

Later this term we are singing “Hallelujah” – sure that one is going to be a bit of an ear worm….

Food today:

Brunch: 2 slices of High Protein loaf (Only 89 cals a slice and lovely and “chewy”) and 100g of avocado mashed onto it. It has Sunflower Seeds, Pumpkin Seed, Brown Linseed, Poppy Seed, Millet, Golden Linseed in it.

Dinner: From Tesco ready-prepared Moroccan Chicken breast with mashed swede and green beans. Skinless, boneless chicken breast fillets in a tomato and apricot tagine sauce, with butternut squash, apricots, chickpeas, Ras El Hanout spicy sprinkle and pumpkin seeds garnish. 228 calories.

Vegetables really are such “good value” in terms of calories and making me feel full and satisfied…. 230g of swede mashed is just 55 calories and the beans (60g) are only 12!  I added 5g of butter to the swede (37 cals).

Exercise – singing and warm ups! Plus walking to and from the hall across the car park!


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