Left overs – colourful, filling and only 508 cals!

IMG_098740g of wholemeal fusilli (129 cals), 20g of reduced fat red pesto (52 cals), 125g of roasted chicken breast left from yesterday (185 cals), buttered spring greens (57 cals… mostly the 5g of butter) and 200g roasted butternut squash (using spray olive oil, 89 cals) .

Colourful, lovely textures and flavours! Didn’t need much pasta because of the 200g of butternut squash.

I didn’t think I was very fond of pesto, but I like this red version.  It takes its colour from sun dried tomatoes, the green pesto from basil.

Whole meal was 508 calories and worth every single one!

This morning I went for what has now become my weekly session on the Alter G treadmill.  I absolutely LOVE these sessions.  I have built up to walking 4 minutes at 4kph (2.5mph) and walking fast for one minute at 5.5kph (3.75mph).  30 minutes in total is about my limit for the time being, but in between sessions I am also doing 3 x 1 hour sessions of strength training – concentrating on strengthening the muscles that support my shoulders, lower back, torso and legs/hips.

Needing to be a little stringent with calories as this week is Valentines Day and I have been advised that a three course meal will be prepared by my lovely husband!  No cheating with pre-prepared supermarket meal deals – I have perused the menu and highly approve!

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