Eat a Rainbow – Brunch, 445 calories

IMG_1019Brunch today – I don’t eat breakfast, but weekend is always a Brunch at around this time.

One grilled tomato with a spray of olive oil and herbs, 70g of mashed avocado, a slice of sourdough toast, an organic egg scrambled and mushrooms fried in olive oil and butter. I’m not vegetarian, but we are trying to cut down on processed meats in our diet.

Bread, Sourdough, Average   40g 115.6

Avocado, Flesh Only, Average   70g 133.0

Eggs, Free Range, Medium, Organic   1 Egg/50g 75.5

Butter, Fresh, Average   1 Thin Spread/7g 51.4

Oil, Olive, Average   1 Tsp/5ml 42.7

Oil, Olive, Spray, Average   5 Sprays/1ml 5.1

Mushrooms, Chestnut¼ Pack/62.5g 8.1

Tomatoes, on the Vine1 Tomato/70g 12.6

Mixed Herbs, Average1/10 Tsp/0.5g 1.3


Nutrition Data

Calories (kcal) 445

Carbohydrate (g) 26.5

Fat (g) 31.5

Fibre (g) 4.8

Fruit & Veg 2.7

Protein (g) 14.0

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