Tuna steak in a lime, soy, honey and chilli marinade – 383 cals

IMG_1031A massive tuna steak – far bigger than needed – 223g! I’d have been happy with 175g.

Tuna steak (223g) 286 calories

Marinade of 1tbsp of lime juice, 1 tbsp of sesame oil, 1 tbsp of soy sauce, 2 tsp of clear honey, pinch of chilli flakes (that was for 2 steaks) – 97 cals.

There was no need to use any oil when pan frying the tuna, as the sesame oil in the marinade prevented it from sticking.  Fried the tuna for around 2.5 minutes each side in a griddle pan.

150g of green beans (35 cals) with 3.5g of butter (25 cals)

Half a pouch of bulgar wheat, quinoa and wholegrain rice – 185 cals

Whole meal was therefore 628 calories. Doubt I’ll need to eat anything more today – I’m stuffed!

I have been very diligent with my exercise sessions – mostly strength training and targeted at shoulders/neck, hips/leg muscles.  I’ve been tasked with doing 3 one-hour sessions a week and then my treadmill session one day a week.  Just completed 6 days in a row ahead of three days “off” – going to the seaside for the weekend!

Had a wonderful one hour long massage (thanks if you’re reading this to my masseur – she’s AMAZING!).  My stubborn “knots” are not as deeply embedded in my Gluteus musclesMaximus muscles… so perhaps the exercise is starting to make a difference.  I also have aching “deltoids” which, hopefully means that I am strengthening those and giving my overworked trapezius muscles a bit of respite…

I’d like to see the return of my little biceps!

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