Teriyaki Trout Fillet with stir-fried cabbage, onion and wholewheat noodles – 424 calories

IMG_0456Trout isn’t a fish we eat often. For two reasons. Firstly our regular supermarket doesn’t sell it. Secondly because husband has always maintained he doesn’t like it as it “tastes earthy”

However, with the on-line Christmas “indulgent” shop, I thought I’d try some and came up with this meal idea.

Our Christmas Eve dinner is healthy and fairly low calorie so that I can enjoy one of the (still warm) mince pies I’ve just made guilt free!

Loch Trout Fillet (156 cals), oven baked with a tablespoon of Teriyaki sauce (22 cals).

Stir-fried cabbage and onion. 4 portions = 200g of finely shredded savoy cabbage, a 180g onion, peeled and finely sliced, 10ml of extra virgin olive oil and 7g of butter – stir fried in a wok over a medium to low heat for around 25-30 minutes.

A 50g “nest” of Blue Dragon wholewheat noodles (181 cals).

The fish remains a lot firmer than salmon and flakes beautifully. It has a very different but equally lovely flavour (and the husband enjoyed it too!)

424 calories in total.

Happy Christmas Readers!  I hope yours is peaceful, fulfilled and above all…. healthy!


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