Covid-19 – motivation and maintaining emotional wellbeing

Derrick Evans –  aka “Mr Motivator”

Unsurprisingly, the news recently has been dominated by the news of the Covid-19 pandemic.  Understandable alarm – and even panic (when it comes to toilet paper buying) has been well documented via social media platforms.

It was refreshing this morning to listen to a programme on BBC Radio 4 which was rather more reassuring about what we can do to keep ourselves as well as we can in the period leading up to preparing for the effects of the virus to hit its peak.  I thought I would share here.

These aren’t the “usual” things that we might have been hearing or seeing.  Spreading  panic isn’t helpful or constructive and often has a profound negative effect on our emotional health.

The programme looked at how we should all ensure that we look after our own health – even before we consider offering support to others.  This isn’t just be about our physical health either.  Emotional wellbeing is vital at this time and that will become even more important if we are forced into self-isolation or when those around us are affected.

I have read and heard concern from those thinking ahead to self-isolation.  How good are we at being kept apart from others?  Our friends, family members, social activities and events, holidays and trips, days out…..  these are all critical in maintaining our wellbeing.

One of those who appeared on the programme was Derrick Evans, aka Mr Motivator.  Derrick is a Jamaican born British fitness instructor who rose to fame in 1993 through appearances on the UK breakfast show GMTV where he performed live fitness sessions and offered tips and advice to viewers.

I remember vividly Derrick’s lurid tight-fitting spandex outfits.  I also recall his infectious enthusiasm and big smile and listening to him on the programme this morning, at the age of 67, he appears not to have changed.

He advised listeners of the importance of maintaining physical wellbeing as we age and outlined some simple things that we should be doing on a daily basis in order to keep as mobile and fit as possible as we grow older.  His advice today was that we can use time when we are forced into our homes to concentrate on our physical activity.  He exercises daily for an hour and does a press up for every year of his age.  He described the value of music whilst we do exercise.

You can listen to Derrick on the programme here : at 2:52:56 into the Today programme.

If you want to do one thing today to make it a better day, listen to Derrick’s advice!

The programme was really interesting from 1:51:42 when it came to other information about the Virus and its effects.

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