Five a Day

fruit-480x279I’ve always loved my fruit and vegetables. But since joining Weight Loss Resources my intake of fruit and vegetables has slowly risen….. and risen….. and RISEN!!!

Today, my weekly shop (for two/three people) contained:

1 x pack of pak choi, 2 x red onions, 4 x brown onions, 1 x button mushrooms, 1 x chestnut mushrooms, 1 x portobello mushrooms, 1 x pack of stir-fry veg (ready prepared), 2 x cauliflower (to satisfy my new “cauliflower rice” craving), 1 x pack of greens, 1 x lettuce, 1 x pack of vine tomatoes, 2 x yellow pepper, 1 x red pepper, 5 x carrots, 1 x aubergine, 1 x GIANT butternut squash, 2 x courgettes, 2 x bags of potatoes, 1 x cucumber, 1 x pack of parsley, 2 x avocados, 1 x pack of shallots, 1 x fennel bulb, 4 x pink lady apples, 3 x bananas, 2 x lemons, 1 x lime ,1 x bag of brazil nuts, 1 x bag of walnuts…

Now you may look at this and think – there’s no way she’s gonna get through that in a week…..??? That’s what I always think whilst I am putting the shopping away – but I do, and each week I order more!

In fact we are now storing veg in a crate in the garage (with a lid to stop rats/mice/squirrels). Can anyone beat this????


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