Baggy trousers


My “daily attire” or uniform is a wide legged pair of black trousers from Evans, like these.I wear them with a blouse that hangs over the top and hides all the lumps ad bumps.

Because of my disability, I have to shorten the legs (I have a 21 inch inside leg!).I’ve gone from a size 24, to a 22…. to a 20 now. The size 20’s are a little loose, so I imagine that in another month or so it’ll be time to buy a couple more pairs in a size 18.I had a bit of a sort out today, as I was having real trouble trying to find the second pair of size 20’s in amongst all the others.

So I have about 3 or 4 pairs of size 22 black trousers, most still have some good wear left in them.I have bagged them up, but I was joking with OH that I’d not send them to the charity shop, as someone may buy them and – if they are a size 22, but 5ft 4 or something, it could be a real fashion faux pas!

The trousers aren’t expensive, but it takes an age to take them up. I used to do it by hand (can’t stand the iron on stuff…. it always comes off), but my wonderful little sister now does them for me on her sewing machine using some sort of invisible style stitching.


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