The treadmill has landed!


After my free Personal Trainer assessment a week ago, I started to think that a treadmill could be really valuable in increasing my stamina and ability for walking. You may remember that as my walking is VERY limited, I usually use a powered wheelchair outside of the house for any distance. So it’s either walk a very short distance or use the wheelchair.  There’s nothing in between for me to measure any improvement in my walking ability.

I am losing weight (2 stone at present) and hopefully this will have improved my stamina and walking abilities, but it’s really hard to work out just how far I can walk or what the effect will be on me.  I can’t just “go for a walk” as I have no clue how far to go before I’ll need to turn back.  I’m also pretty worried about tripping / stumbling / falling over.  For that reason I’d need to have someone with me – and let’s face it – if I fall, they’re not going to be able to stop that from happening!

HOWEVER, ex hubbie bought a treadmill just before we parted company 6 years ago… It’s a pretty decent one (cost £1k 5/6 years ago from John Lewis) so I asked if I could bring it out of retirement and make use of it. As far as I am aware he hasn’t used it since he moved out.

He delivered it at midday, and it’s all set up in the garage now. It’s a Horizon Fitness Omega III HRC Entertainment (if anyone knows about these things….)

Once he’d set it up, I had a little toddle on it. It’s far better for me than the one at the gym as there are some grab handles on the front of the machine (where the main controls are) and the speed adjustment is on the right hand rail. It also has an incline adjustment on the left handrail.

I’m only going to be able to use it for slow walking (initially) but I’ll probably use a slight incline setting as I improve. I’m thinking that I’ll set myself an initial goal of 500 metres (just over quarter of a mile) and decided that if I need to have a stop and a breather / sit down whilst completing the distance, then I will.

So wish me luck! Whilst Andy is enjoying listening to the footie (Newcastle game), I’m off into the garage with my ipod, some water and my trainers.

I may be gone some time….


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