Pork and popcorn

I accidentally ordered this rather large pork joint from Tesco.  2.3kg or 5lbs.  It weight a ton!  Luckily there was a half price offer on, so it only cost £10.  I have carved it up into steads and a couple of joints now.  But by lifting it up and moving it about I realised that I have been carrying around almost 7 of these!

So if you feel a little fed up because your loss isn’t as much as you’d like, find something that weighs the equivalent of your weight loss and remind yourself of the additional weight you were once lugging about!

Popcorn Tea from TeaPigs

I am also trying out my new teabags, delivered this morning from TeaPig.

Not sure what to make of it… Described on the website as – Green tea with a popcorny, almost nutty undertone. “Sugar Puffs in a cup”.

The teabags are beautiful though, they look as if they are made out of fine silk (but they are fully biodegradable…)

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