Celebrations & staying on track

IMG_2249I’m being strict with myself over the next 5 weeks as I have a window of opportunity to shift some excess poundage ahead of a trip to Tanzania and Zanzibar in September where I most definitely will want to try the local cuisine.

It’s our sixth wedding anniversary today  so we are out tonight to the Indian restaurant around the corner where I plan to be sensible. I had a cute cared from Andy and I have a feeling some flowers are being delivered at some point. I bought him some lovely scented candles in pots (set fo 4), some Mindfulness cards – designed to be used over a month and a beer bottle opener in the shape of a bears head with mouth opened that he can fix onto a wall outside. It’s the Iron anniversary so the cast iron bear was chosen with that in mind.

I’ve mowed the grass and watered for a couple of hours so earned myself 350 exercise calories and have already done over double my target steps – nearly 6,000! Sad to see so many brown oak leaves, but I think they’ve been blown out from various nooks and crannies by recent strong winds.


Lunch: 0.75 of an avocado, homemade creamy Greek yogurt coleslaw, salad with beetroot and olives (loving our home grown tomatoes!), tzatziki and a sprinkling of toasted seeds.

Planned Dinner: 1 x Poppadum for starter, Chicken Shashlik, cucumber and onion raita. Strawberries, raspberries and creme fraiche when back at home.


The photo was my beautiful rainbow lunch, lettuce and tomatoes from the garden – 439 calories.

Planned dinner tonight, including my dessert should be around 630 calories.

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