Cauliflower rice, and the start of a new love affair!

I have made a really amazing discovery!

I read a post on the forums (on Weight Loss Resources) a couple of weeks back in answer to someone asking about alternatives to rice (with curry, etc) and it suggested cauliflower rice.

I looked up how to make this, and it’s basically whizzing some raw cauliflower in a food processor until fine (and it really does resemble rice!) and cooking it (without any added water) in a microwave. I placed my cauliflower in a microwave steamer, and cooked it on full power for 2.5 minutes.

It was served with a Quorn bolognese, and was actually surprisingly tasty and a really good, low calorie, low carb alternative. 46 calories for 150 grams of cauliflower, as opposed to 50g of white rice (that I’d usually have) is 177 calories….. so that is MORE for a fifth of the calories!

It even looks like rice! It absorbed the flavours of the bolognese when mixed in, and had all the same properties that I crave from rice (soaking up the juice, filling, etc)

Cauliflower rice with Quorn bolognese, stir fried pak choi and peas


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