The arrival of Autumn

I’m always sad to see the end of the Summer (I love the sun!) but Autumn is my favourite season.  There’s something about those sharply cold and often dark mornings and evenings.  When it’s dry and sunny (which it has been so far) I want to leap out of bed and get on with my day.

I think that the Blood Sugar diet is something to do with it.  It may be coincidental that around three or four days after I started on it, I was waking in the morning feeling energetic and ready to go.  Just a few weeks ago, I felt quite different.  I would have been quite happy to turn over, snuggle back under the duvet and snooze.

This past week has been a very draining one, emotionally and physically.  The start to my week was supporting a lovely friend who was going through a bit of a crisis.  But my efforts – and by her amazingly cheerful attitude, alongside the (hopefully positive) outcome made it all very worth while.

Then mid-week, my step-father was rushed into hospital with a very slow heart rate (just 30 bpm).  He required a pacemaker to be fitted, which is risky surgery for him given his present health status.  There was some uncertainty whether the risks were worth taking.

The consultant was happy to go ahead, the surgery was a success (heart rate up to 60 now) but a partially collapsed lung has meant that recovery has been far from straight forward.

Far from derailing my attempts to follow the diet, it actually spurred me on.  There is nothing quite like being surrounded by patients in a cardiac ward to spur you into making changes to your diet and lifestyle.



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