Blood Sugar Diet – week 6

I’m soooo happy!  At weigh in this morning, I am back below 10 stone!  In the 6 weeks of the blood sugar diet I have lost 12lb, which is massive, as my goal weight is 9st 7lbs.  The approximate weight one can expect to lose during the 8 weeks of 800 calories steering clear of the “forbidden five” (bread, pasta, rice, added sugar, processed foods) is 10% of ones starting weight.  That was 15lb for me.  So although it’s highly unlikely that I’ll drop a further 3lb before next Friday, my starting point dietary wise was probably a better starting point than for most who are completely changing their diet.  I rarely ate bread, potatoes, pasta and rice.

This week I have been busy with the media – trialling a new Blue Badge Parking app.  SIMON can be downloaded onto a smart phone or other device, and works in a similar way to GPS showing the location of VACANT blue badge parking bays on public roads.  The vacant part is clearly quite vital!

This weekend I am off to a conference at a hotel near Heathrow.  It’s an annual event aimed at beneficiaries of the Thalidomide Trust.  I’ve been a pivotal part of getting it all together, so to be honest, I’ll be relieved when it’s all over!  I’m going to be speaking to people in a workshop about the “Fit for the Future” weekend that was held in April this year.  We will hear from one of the participants who has made some massive huge lifestyle changes in the 6 months since April – not just weight loss, but exercise, emotional well being and taking up new social activities.

I’m aware I’m likely to be straying over the 800 daily calorie limit, but I’ll stick to the principles….

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  1. Simone, I think you can allow yourself a few treats you certainly deserve it! You are such a busy lady and a total inspiration to us all. Well done you.

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