Healthy alternative to coleslaw – quinoa, carrot and hazelnut coleslaw

IMG_0273.jpgMakes 5 generous portions

80g Quinoa (Dry Weight)

150g Carrot (coarsely grated)

Lemon Juice, ½ Juiced Lemon

30g Hazelnuts, Blanched and roughly chopped

Black Pepper Freshly Ground (few grinds)

50g Mascarpone Cheese

80g Soured Cream

Cook the quinoa and drain – leave to cool (I cook mine in a rice steamer in the microwave for 5 + 5 minutes, full power 600)

When cool, mix with the remaining ingredients – mixing the mascarpone and soured cream first.

A yummy crunchy and healthy alternative to regular coleslaw and much more filling. You can make up a batch and it stores well in the fridge (but I leave the mascarpone and soured cream out, adding just before I serve it)

Calories (kcal) 153.4

Carbohydrate (g) 12.0

Fat (g) 10.1

Fibre (g) 1.9

Sodium (g) 0.016

Fruit & Veg 0.3

Protein (g) 3.7

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