Cheese Scones – 106 calories each

FullSizeRenderI decided to make these today – baking isn’t usually my thing. But a friend makes them regularly and they make a great portable snack or meal if you’re on the go. The reason why there are three different cheeses is because I was using up scraps from the cheese dish! :-) But any sort of cheese will do, the stronger the better. A little of a strong flavoured strong cheese means you can get away with using less of it.

To avoid temptation, I tried one (buttered) whilst just warm and out of the oven but have frozen the remainder.

Cheese Scones – 106 calories each

Preparation Time: 20 mins

Cooking Time: 12-15 mins


Calories per serving:106


Baking Powder -15g

Self Raising Flour -220g

Salt, Average-2g

Extra Mature Cheddar

Cheese, Manchego-60g

Hard Goats Cheese -30g

Cayenne Pepper -¼ Tsp/0.5g

Milk, Semi Skimmed – 150ml

Butter -55g


1. Preheat oven with the lined baking tray inside to 200.C (slightly less for fan ovens). In a medium-large bowl sift together the flour, salt, cayenne pepper and baking powder. Sift again to make sure the ingredients are thoroughly combined.

2. Cut the butter into small cubes, place in the bowl with the sifted flour and then mix with your fingertips to make breadcrumbs.

3. Sprinkle the grated cheese (keeping back about 20g for sprinkling on top) into the breadcrumb mixture and mix gently until the cheese is evenly distributed.

4. Make a well in the centre of the mixture and pour in enough milk to give a fairly soft but firm dough. Do not pour in all the milk at once as you may not need it all to get the right consistency.

5. Lightly flour a surface and roll out the dough to approximately 1.5-2cm thick. Cut out the scones with a medium cutter and then place on the hot oven tray. Glaze the tops with a little milk and sprinkle the remainder of the grated cheese on the top of each scone before putting in the oven.

6. Bake in the oven for 10-15 minutes or until golden brown and cooked through.

Nutrition Data Per Serving

Calories (kcal) 106.0

Protein (g) 3.5

Carbohydrate (g) 10.2

Fat (g) 5.7

Fibre (g) 0.4

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