Four days post surgery

Hello all! 

Thought I would drop in and give you all an update on my progress. I am now four days after surgery, a full abdominoplasty and breast reduction. 

I am in no pain I would describe what I have as just some mild discomfort. I am taking only regular paracetamol.

Tomorrow, I go for my dressings to be changed. This will be my first opportunity to see my new breasts!

I have now lost a total of 7 pounds since last Friday when I went in for the surgery. I guess there must still be some swelling and fluid retention however. 

My appetite has reduced since the surgery. This may be due to the anaesthetic or it may just be something else. I am ensuring that I am eating regularly, as I am still taking antibiotics. Dinner tonight was a quarter of a tomato and goats cheese quiche and some sliced tomatoes and cucumber followed by a bowlful of low fat yoghurt. I haven’t fancied anything sweet at all! Having said that I did in a slice of a fruit loaf with butter as my late night snack.


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