Losing weight… the easy way?

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Tesco Healthy Living Ginger, Lime and Chilli Chicken, mashed carrot and swede and my own interpretation of saag aloo – baby sweet potatoes and wilted spinach.  292 calories.

I’m struggling with the exercise.

Some of it is down to pain… in my lower back and hip and my neck.  When I complain about pain, it’s usually pretty significant.  Two cocodomol tablets don’t take it away.  It interferes with my sleep.  If I lie on one side, my hip hurts.  If I lie on the other side, my neck hurts.  I spend the night tossing and turning waking in pain, turning over, falling to sleep and waking in pain an hour or so later.

I like my sleep.  I’m an 8 hour a night girl.  Any less and I feel sluggish and grumpy.  And sleep aids weight loss – yes it’s true!

Some of it is down to the time of year.  My “gym” is in my garage.  There’s no heat.  It’s not insulated.  I soon warm up, but the idea of getting out of a warm bed and going outside to a cold garage doesn’t grab me.  Especially if I’ve had a broken nights sleep.

BUT I have to do something about this additional stone and a half I seem to have acquired. This time last year, I was 9 stone 7lbs.  My goal weight.  I was at my fittest.

I know why it’s happened, and I know what I have to do to deal with it.

So, I’ve decided… if I’m not exercising, then the alternative is to be ultra careful with my eating.  So I am being.

Smarties treat size ice cream cone.        70ml = 118 calories

And attempting to lose weight doesn’t mean that I am missing out!  I am able to conjure up a really appetising, filling and healthy meal for under 400 calories.  Such as my meal this evening (shown above).  At just 292 calories, I even can allow myself a sugar-free jelly.  Or perhaps an apple.  Or even a mini smarties ice-cream cone.  70g – 118 calories.  A perfect sweet treat.

I’m making a huge effort not to eat anything after dinner time in the evening, as I have come to realise that is a sure way to create a calorie counting disaster!

It seems to be working.

I’ve got a BIG incentive.  I was trying on some of my “posh frocks” today, as in July we are going on our first ever cruise.  12 nights, sailing around the Baltics.  They all fastened, but some of them felt decidedly snug!  I need to remember the frock session when I am next tempted to enjoy a treat.  Visualisation is another weight loss tool.  I shall visualise as I lie in bed unable to sleep because of my pain….

Weigh In tomorrow…..  I know I’ve lost weight this week because I’ve worked hard to achieve it.



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