Simple exercises with a physical disability

TRX Bands

This is a picture of me using my TRX bands.  I am able to use my body weight to lean forwards and open up my shoulders.  As I spend a lot of my day with my arms extended forwards and my head hunched down, this provides a great stretch to combat pain.

TRX bands are strong nylon straps that can be adjusted.  These are anchored onto a door, but at home I have them attached to a rafter in the garage.

It’s a total-body training system that allows you to do all sorts of exercises using ones body weight. You have to use you core stabilisers to work out with TRX, so you build your core, strength, balance, agility and power.

Exercise doesn’t have to be hard work or done in a gym!

Over the three or four years that I have been trying to improve my mobility / strength / fitness (and lose weight!) I have used small pieces of exercise equipment I have bought on-line as well as trying out mat based Pilates

Screen Shot 2017-01-09 at 16.57.30
Mat based Pilates

Because I am unable to stand for any length of time, I do a lot of exercising whilst sat on a gym ball… I find I can manage a much better range of movements.  Here’s a link to a video which may give you some ideas of how you may be able to create your own routine.

What’s more, keeping everything moving really does help with keeping pain at bay.






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