How to stay fit if you have a physical disability

WHAT!  But I’m DISABLED! If I find it almost impossible to walk more than a few steps, there’s not a lot of exercise I can do, surely?  

I’m often asked about the challenges of exercise and keeping fit with a physical disability.  After all, that’s the theme of my website, so share my journey with readers.  Things that I have found that have helped me to make those changes.

Because I am signed up to Patient Access (allowing patients signed up to their GP surgery electronically to access health services) I am regularly emailed interesting articles – this was one such.

How to stay fit if you have a physical disability

I found it an interesting and useful read and thought I’d share with others who have a physical disability or long-term illness.

I’ve already incorporated into my every day life many of the things listed in the article and taken on board some of the advice.

This sentence particularly struck a chord, and is something that has been instrumental to my success….

“Excess weight pushes you down the ability spectrum, so adjust your calorie intake so it’s in line with your activity levels. You shouldn’t eat the diet of an athlete if you don’t train like an athlete.”

2 thoughts on “How to stay fit if you have a physical disability

  1. Really good advice, and adding photos of you in action is a brilliant idea. I hope it will inspire others to find the same can do attitude. You’ve helped to encourage me to improve my diet and fitness levels after a serious illness. You certainly walk the walk as well as talk the talk!

    • Thank you so much for your positive words. At the end of the day, we are only on this earth for a fairly brief spell… I’m keen to extend mine as long as possible!

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